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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Miles O'Brien is a complete idiot!

He's on CNN "interviewing" Annie Lennox.

(1) He makes an asinine comment about how old Annie is getting, and how inspirational it is that she still sings at her age. She's looking like she wants to smack him.

(2) Trying to show off his backgrounding, he tells her that "touring has never been [her] thing". This is simply false, and she flatly told him that "it was for years". Miles then "corrects" himself, tying it into the previous you're-so-old comment.


Are there any actual journalists left?

Reminds me of Lou Dobbs the other night, saying how sick he was of 35-years-ago allegations coming out, and how he's not going to report on them anymore. Great - the Swiftboat Demonstrable Liars get 2+ weeks of coverage, and the truth about Bush being AWOL gets 1 day.

And more than that, since when do journalists get to decide what to cover and what not to - especially based upon whether or not their sick of it? News is news. At least Fox says "We report, you decide". Dobbs won't even report. Asshole. Now THAT'S what I call a "media filter"

On the topic of media filters, does it seem to anyone that there's been about a gazillion times more hurricane reporting over the last week or so than in the entire history of television? Somehow it strikes me as oddly coincident with Bush's failed convention, proof of Bush's AWOL-ness, and a general wave against Bush. Yes, I am suggesting that CNN is deliberately downplaying how bad things are looking for Bush. And lacking anything particularly bad about Kerry, they're just ignoring the whole thing, hoping it will go away (Republican shills that they are).


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