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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

WalMart - the great provider of the American dream!

I know not to watch Faux News! I know not to watch Faux News! I know not to watch Faux News! The power of Christ compels me! The power of Christ compels me! The power of Christ compels me!

Phew - that was close. Anyhoo, just saw a Walmart commercial on Faux News. The stars were an hispanic family - 1st generation from the looks of it - with a teenage son (of typical doofus overweight American looks). The parents both work at WalMart, and are ecstatic about it. Their son just started working there, and apparently "wants to be a pharmacist. Of course, not a damn thing is said that links working at WalMart with being a pharmacist, but whatever. The commercial closed with:

We are truly living the American dream, and it's at WalMart.

Welcome to george bush's America folks. Working at WalMart is now the American dream.

Peace out - I found a place with all-you-can-eat crab legs (hot, not cold either)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible that this commercial also ran on CNN? Or is that impossible? Hasn't WALMART been around since before the bush presidence? If they are so fucking dangerous why did Al and Bill so gladly accept the millions of soft dollars they were given from Sam and his clan?

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess driving a cab in Guadalajara or slinging burritos in Oaxaca doesn't hold a candle to immigrating for the chance to work for a US retailer which may, with hard work (eg. employment), provide a graduate degree for their children? What crockery!

2:21 PM  
Blogger cdj said...

(a) I assume I've got the same "Anonymous" in both comments? If not, and it's important, feel free to correct me.

(b1) Of course it's possible that the commerical ran on CNN. And many other channels too. So what?

(b2) You'll have to help me: "presidence"?

(b3) I never said anything about WalMart being "dangerous".

(b4) Al? Bill? Soft money? Whoa.

(c) To both comment(er)s:

Apparently I wasn't terribly successful in getting my point across in this post. It didn't particularly matter to me that the employer was WalMart. I could've made essentially the same post, using "McDonald's" and "Literature Professor" instead of "WalMart" and "Pharmacist".

I was trying to extend what's already known: The current generation is the first in American history that can expect to do worse than their parents. It's a classic case of "lowering the bar" to attack this fact by pointing to pictures of immigrants. In their case, their kids will of course tend to do better than their parents - but only because their previous non-American lives were so crappy (sterotypically, at least). American dream? Sure, if you lower the bar enough, you can call crap filet mignon.

If you're interested, look up the phrase "red herring" for more.

gdub's America: lowering the bar, lowering expectations, day after day!

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't expect everyone to be at the top of the pyramid with a growing population and increasing immigration. The base of the pyramid has to be able to support the middle class and the top tier. I guess you could call it the McWally-foundation of any free economy. Remember now, we're "Global Citizens". And don't forget - America is about the last place on Earth you can move from the McWally-class clear to the top without running into institutional ceilings.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is taken directly from your sight.

(2) we have no idea who we will be or what role we will play within that system. Presumably the point of the veil of ignorance is clear: it's not helpful, for serious dicussion, to get suggestions of the form "Let's have a monarchy, where I'm the king!".

Now, I chalked up "dicussion" as a typo, but appearently you don't make them, or accept them. So, why don't you help me out here? Or are you so tightly wound up that you could not assume what I had meant when I made the typo on the work president? Claiming an argument is invalid because it has a typo is very lame, very lame indeed. Do I need to bring up the glass house analogy? Do I have to spell check? You have a place for comments but if you really don't want them, then just say so. And yes, I only made one comment, not the others so there must be two posters. And I am anonymous becuase I don't have an accoutn, but its not like you have your full name, date of birth, and address prominently displayed, or maybe you do, I just missed it. So, do you want comments or not?

2:50 PM  

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