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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Here's what the Senate says about Miers:

"I think, if you were to hold the vote today, she would not get a majority, either in the Judiciary Committee or on the floor," said Schumer, D-N.Y.

And here's what we get - albeit second-hand - from the White House:

"I haven't seen anything coming from the White House that says that they're going to pull this nomination," said Kansas Republican Sen. Sam Brownback

Apparently there's something of a communication gap here somewhere...

And just for completeness' sake, let's not lose track of exactly *how* qualified Miers is:

At one point, Miers described her service on the Dallas City Council in 1989. When the city was sued for violating the Voting Rights Act, she said, the council "had to be sure to comply with the proportional representation requirement of the Equal Protection clause."

But the Supreme Court repeatedly has said that the Constitution's guarantee of the "equal protection of the laws" does not mean that city councils or state legislatures must have enough minority members to match the proportion of blacks, Hispanics and Asians in the voting population.

....Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan...said she was surprised the White House did not check Miers' questionnaire before sending it to the Senate.

Bets on Harriet's ability to spell "Constitution" correctly 2 out of 3 times, anyone?

Snark aside (more fun for me than for you, I'm sure), it seems to me that the White House is in a bit of a sticky wicket. They need senatorial opinion on Miers to change. That change will come in one of 2 ways: (a) She'll WOW them with her intellect, which by the above seems unlikely, or else (b) the White House will twist Senate republican arms into an opnion change by expending some of gw's vaunted political capital. Which immediately raises the question "What political capital?".


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