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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bush gives up on American way in response to terrorists!

Found this on Yahoo! AP news.

The Pentagon is blocking overseas Americans from voting, supposedly because they're scared of overseas ISP hacking.

"That the Pentagon ... has chosen to surrender to unspecified 'hackers' without firing a single shot in defense of American democracy is suspect," Diana Kerry said in a statement.

Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Ellen Krenke confirmed that some ISPs which have been used to launch attacks are barred access to military .mil and .gov sites. But she said the blocks were not related to the election nor designed to silence Democrat voting abroad — as some of them suspect.

"It would stop the Republicans, too, right? It's both sides. We're not just letting a certain party through," Krenke said.

Yes, it would stop Republicans from voting as well as Democrats. WHAT THE FUCK? That makes it better?!?

But more importantly, Jim Crow stopped black Republicans from voting just as much as they stopped Black Democrats. Oh yah, I forgot there's a LOT more black Democrats... In fact, the volume level of Republican outcry on this issue would be a good measure of the overseas Dem/Repub split, I'm thinking....

Hello? Operator? Yes, could you connect me with America please? I can't seem to find it...


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