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Monday, October 11, 2004

More bush supporters finally catching on...

From the mouths of babes...

The entire article is great - here's a fun snippet:

Fellow citizens: we have a serious problem. President Bush is misleading the American people and we must reassess our course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks or believes our "friendships" and "goodwill" with other nations is strictly quid pro quo is both naive and stupid.

The surplus was a "projection" based on an economy that struck the bubble but if you wait long enough, we'll have another bubble we can ride our dreams on. Aw heck, blame BUSH.

Education has been "deteriorating" for 50 years with 100 senators, 435 congress-critters, a pres and one veep every few years to share plenty of blame even though most of it lies with the counter-culture and the lack of initiative on the individual's part (except the guy or gal who put up this blog - that's initiative.) but let's blame BUSH.

If we had the cost-effective technology for alternative fuel use, companies would be beating down doors to make the profit. Claims like this just don't stand up to the laugh-test in free markets, but it doesn't matter - BUSH's fault.

Cure every disease, as if rising longevity isn't killing Social Security already, because we want to all live forever! Who they hell can imagine being disease-free at 125 and frail as a dry noodle? Quality of life people, dying is natural, but I think I'll blame BUSH.

Al Qaeda, Iraq, Militant Islam, Terrorist States, fight there not here. Blame BUSH.

Latin America is spiraling into a vicious cycle of poverty? When has it not? Doesn't matter cause we know who caused it - BUSH!

Castro? BUSH.

These are Democrat talking points right off the DNC website. At least Mr. Amandi could have been original a teensy-weensy bit, but I don't blame him - I blame BUSH!

Global Warming, BUSH! Drought, BUSH! North Korea, BUSH! Mt. St. Helens, BUSH! Hurricanes, BUSH! Stubbed my toe, BUSH! The plague, BUSH! Flu vaccines, BUSH! Israel & Palestine, BUSH!

Man, this is easy - I see why you do it now - no thought involved.

BUSH, BUSH, BUSH! I wanna sit on my ass all day, BUSH! I wanna smoke dope all day, BUSH! The world doesn't serve me, BUSH! I don't have enough entitlements, BUSH! God why didn't I think of this sooner?

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typo Correction : Anyone who thinks or believes our "friendships" and "goodwill" with other nations ISN'T strictly quid pro quo is both naive and stupid.

2:55 PM  

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