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Friday, April 29, 2005

Ok - something worth talking about: Princeton!

Now that I've gotten over my grudge of their not making me an admission offer (ok, ok, it was a decade ago), I can recognize that possibly - just possibly - there's hope yet for America.

In response to Senate majority leader Frist's jackass attempts to rewrite 200 years of Senate tradition and rules for the benefit of the bible-thumping wackos running the republican party, some Princeton kids have started a fillibuster-a-thon. (If you didn't know, Frist is a Princeton alum, and bought his name on a building.)

The fillibuster-a-thon has been going for several days now, despite numerous attempts to shut it down (guess who instigated them?). Several top faculty have participated, as have state and local politicians. They've got their own website up here (be warned: they're getting a lot of traffic).

But to the reason for this post. I'm gonna order some pizza or something and have it delivered to them. Good behavior deserves to be rewarded. Or at least sustained. Feel free to do similarly. Or, join a larger-scale Berlin Airlift type operation along similar lines here.


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