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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Social Security is *just* like Iraq...

gdub makes shit up, feeds it to the republicans, the press, and the country. When rational, well-meaning people point out that it's a complete crock, gdub changes explanations. Rinse, repeat.

That candid analysis, although widely shared by economists, distressed some Republicans.

"Oh, my God," one GOP political strategist said when he learned of the shift in rhetoric. "The White House has made a lot of Republicans walk the plank on this. Now it sounds as if they are sawing off the board."

Just one comment: Fuck those plank-walking republicans - don't anyone *dare* let them shove responsibility for THEIR actions on the big, bad, mean White House. Congress' job is to represent the interests of the *people*. If Congressional republicans are too driven by partisan ideology to do this, then so much the worse for them. But it's not the White House's fault that republicans are utterly and completely lacking of any sense of personal integrity - it is their own. You laid the plank, now walk it, you lying, cheating, thieving, torturing fuckers.

Check out the whole blog/article. It's perfect. Absofuckinglutely perfect.


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