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Sunday, November 21, 2004

They just don't get it.......

I've been gone for awhile...... and I'm not at all ashamed to acknowledge that part of my vacation had to with my disappointment in the American electorate.

But (still) I'm a big fan of making idiocy public and blatant. How do we feel about the Delay Rule? You're ok with it? How about now? I dare you (my republican countryman) to say you're not a power-mongering hypocrite with no true desire to better your country.

I was gonna put links in the above, at the "right points", but just read www.talkingpointsmemo.com for fuck's sake...... (note: you do have to read it back-to-front for it to make sense, which will probably rule 54% of you out... se la vie.... which I suppose is the problem in the first place....)

Among other things, just by the way, that's gdub's big success: he's made bigotry fashionable - with specific reference to fags, but it doesn't really matter. Red state whitely has been itchin for about 40 years to be publicly bigotted towards something. Negroes were declared off limits in the 60's. Women soon after. Thank God for the fucking faggots. And the fatties, but to a much lesser degree. In that way, gdub has been much more successful than even Reagan. Probably Reagan was still too close in time to the 60's - he tried with his anti-fag/AIDS remarks, but they didn't fly. A gay agenda? Yah, just like there was a black agenda you fucking bigots.

But all in all - this rant has something of a point - I'm of the opinion that gdub won simply because America is populated with bigots. Flat out. And bigotry trumps all - intelligence, far-sightedness, well-intentionedness, rationality, and all the rest. We live in a country of stupid bigots. Bottom line. Thank Ggd I'm not running for office - LOL.

I of course realize that I'm preaching to the choir - the people I would like to speak to either don't know how to read, or don't believe in anything that doesn't include an "I hate fags" tagline..... Such has been America all along, but gdub made it fashionable to be public about it.....

Sheesh. Yah, faggots are America's problem. If only there weren't fags. They're they only thing holding America back. Christ. What a jackass electorate.

Not only are they on the wrong side on the issue, they don't even realize what's important. Where's Malcolm X when you need him? You been bamboozled, ya been hoodwinked, etc..... Roughly speaking, that's what he was talking about - not only is what they're saying is idiotic, but it's distracting an idiot's attention from what *is* inmportant*. Voting against your economic interests, for example is stupid. To do so is nothing more than white-trashy ("I might be po, but thank god I ain't no nigger"). You'll put up with anything, so long as there's a nigger out there that you're better than.... Simply put, gay folks are today's niggers.

The Democrats, my friends, have trouble realizing this. The problem is not an "outreach" problem. "Oh how do we avoid alienating the religious folk" - blahblahblah.....

The problem is convincing a bunch of bigoted jackasses that they're wrong. And they're wrong on two counts: (1) that gay-stuff really matters, in the big scheme of things, and (2) that gay-stuff is actually wrong.

I'm happy to talk to God directly - me myself in person - about the "morality" of gay-ness - and I'm not even gay (for fuck's sake). I'll be the gay Jesus, as it were. Except: they know what they do in this case. I'll take the Son's word that they didn't know, at that time. Now, they know. And that's a very different thing.

Ok. Enough drunken rant. I hope to expand on the variety of issues mentioned here. It all depends on my memory. The only thing worth recollecting, however, is that I'm willing to talk to God - personally - about whatever the "values voters" think is important. If that's their metric, I'll meet it. If I lose, so be it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. You have to carry around a lot of anger, self-pitty and dare I say feelings of inadequacy to harbor, let alone spew, such nonsense. Don't you ever worry such articulations of lunacy will find its way back into reality or do you live far enough away from there?

By the way, it's spelled "c'est la vie" but then I like freedom fries too, so I have some balance - and thank the Lord at least one of us does.

9:12 AM  

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