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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The only good injun is a non-voting injun!

I don't intend to spend the day cataloging republican electoral misdeeds - that's a Herculean task, and I ain't Hercules.

What's left of my Native American brothers, however, tend to get even shorter shrift in the MSM than the darker-skinned of my brethren - so I will do my part to help spread the word:

Republican poll workers in Lake Andes were intimidating Native American voters on Monday, a federal judge ruled early today.

Republicans may not write down license plate numbers or follow Native Americans from polling places during today's election, U.S. District Judge Lawrence Piersol ruled in a temporary restraining order.

Completely standard republican intimidation techniques. The only thing that could make it more classical would be for the Klan to show up at their shanties tonite, for a little "re-education" visit.

I'm watching MSNBC, and Imus, Andrea Mitchell, and a few other punkassbeatches are having a good ol' time yakin' up all the various permutations and combinations that would lead to victory on one side or the other. MEANWHILE NEWS IS HAPPENING AROUND THEIR FUCKING FACES! Voters around the country being intimidated at the polls. A few hundred thousand Sudanese being rounded up (a common precursor to slaughter).

Sheesh. One thing the blogosphere excels at, in addition to being reality-based rather than lie-based, is spreading news that the MSM treats as though it's like spreading the plague. Thanks Josh Marshall, Atrios, Drum, Kos, Berube, and the rest...


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