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Monday, November 01, 2004

I got $5 on it right here and now!

I know only what's in this AP/Yahoo story - I haven't looked anything up at this point.

A suspicious package was reported Monday in the building that houses Florida's Division of Elections, and employees were kept out while the building was searched.

$5 says that republicans are behind it.

I'm sure it's a fake bomb, and just sent to throw a monkeywrench at people exercising their Constitutional right to vote - republicans hate that. OTOH, given their proclivity for bombing abortion clinics and murdering doctors and black folks, you do have to treat these actions seriously, even while we treat republicans themselves like God's little joke on humanity... Mel Brooks made fun of Him, and now He's getting us back...

Wow - all you bush voters out there - still voting republican even though your party terrorizes people exercising their most fundamental democratic rights.... What does that say about you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have little objectivity, do you? While it certainly manifests itself as a way of inviting debate in a half-baked attempt for you to exercise superiority, the whole process is undercut by the acrid after-taste left by reading such puerile thoughts.

Seriously, one should consider presenting their agruments in congruency with their age to show sophistication and maturity instead of employing such fatuous ideas in an attempt to goad.

While your goal is simply to rankle, it would be voluminously more penetrating if you engaged the reader in an au courant manner.

8:22 AM  

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