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Monday, November 01, 2004

Question to any bush-voters who may be out there...

A very simple question:

Why are you ok with republican cheating during the elections?

You guys market yourselves as the party of truth, justice, patriotism, inidvidual rights, yadayadayada. Bur it seems like you cackle gleefully at gay-baiting tactics in Florida, accept with philosophical aplomb episodes of racist voter suppression in Ohio, and generally don't get up in arms about any republican cheating anywhere.


In the interests of full disclosure, I'm pretty sure I know what the actual answer is, but I want to hear the justification you guys want the public to hear.

Update: This one at TPM was just too priceless to skip...

Also, I'd be curious to see the republican list of Democratic cheating examples. And I don't mean ones where republicans play dress-up as Democrats either... But seriously, do you expect Democrats to go around redneck precincts with signs like "republicans for negroes"? Maybe, but I'd be pretty surprised... But show me what you got...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For anyone to care why "fillintheblank" was cheating, one would have to be altruistic and deny human nature to believe only one side of such a mélange is underhanded. This would defy logic so one must accept that cheating occurs everywhere.

You either accept cheating or rail against it, but you have to do it to all sides.

So believing that, one would be foolish, if not remiss, to disarm themselves by not cheating knowing full well the other side is also cheating if for no other reason than to counter what they perceive.

8:35 AM  

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