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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

*Blog* *Ethics*?!? Try READER INTELLIGENCE...

Are you fucking kidding me? Sheesh. There's no crying in baseball you jackasses! My teammates have turned nothing into something - dumbasses. The evil-stupid-right was gonna believe in payola on the left ANYWAY. Sheesh.

The simple reason why the Kos-Jerome-are-just-as-bad-as-Williams crap has been going on and on and on and on and on and on is that "READERS" ARE FUCKING STUPID.

No matter how many times I say this, the "big guys" - bloggers that is, I wouldn't hope for any more out of the MSM except for Krugman - don't seem to publicly catch on. Let the fundie/freepers make whatever shit up they want - problems only come about when people are stupid enough to listen to it.

Fix the *people*, and the fundies/freepers will eventually die out, just like those (never heard of) vortex-theorists. (Newton v Descartes, circa 1684.) Pillory the reublicans' positions. Make the various positions sound exactly as stupid as they are. Hit them over the head with every single hidden coffin coming into Andrews (or whichever). The point of all such individual tactics is the same: FORCE the voters to be even stupider than they want to be. Force them. Dare them. Sooner or later, just like a 5 year old, they will give up on their stubborn stupidity, and bow to the calm light of reason.

That's a massively biased way of stating the issue. And I did it for free. By the way - THERE'S the elephant! Fuckers. Sheesh.


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