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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hey Democrats - fighting Scalito would be an EXCELLENT idea!

This seems perfectly obvious, but possibly not to the shitting-their-pants-scared Democrats we have running our damn party...

We're all set to boot the republicans out of Congressional power - even the evil that is their own base has trouble living with the criminality that is endemic to their party. So filibuster Scalito. Force republicans to do away with the filibuster. Then they lose power next year, and they're screwed. Give them the rope with which they will be hung.

Now is the time for bold action, you fucking wusses. Step up to the plate. This is the fight we've been waiting for, and the majority of the American public is on our side - they just don't like to say so because you guys act like fucking pussies all the time.

Update: Shutting down the Senate? Excellent start! Give 'em hell, Harry!


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