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Monday, February 27, 2006

My, how the mighty have fallen....

There used to be a time when Carnegie Mellon was the bees knees in computer science - telling the world about all sorts of fascinating things like the strongly typed lambda cube and what-not.

Now, they tell us how to click Tools->Options on our web browser.

Here's a pearl of wisdom from the page, which is typical of the whole:

To edit the settings for Mozilla Firefox, select Tools, then Options.

In fairness, the report provides a picture. A great many screenshots are provided, in fact, presumably to accomodate the large number of literacy-challenged the country is currently producing.

I'll be damned - stupidity really IS contagious - it's gone from the general populace all the ladder to CMU. Sigh. Maybe gw is right - maybe federal funding for college students SHOULD be cut - this kinda crap is just ridiculous.

I wonder if the next CMU study will be to determine what the internet is REALLY for...


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