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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bush administration guilty of price-fixing and racketeering!

What a bunch of assholes..... I mean the dairy farmers in Wisconsin who have happily sold their souls to the devil for the transitory bliss of high milk prices.

Larry Salathe is an economist for the USDA. He gave a presentation at a dairy conference in Chicago during which he spilled the beans:

One of Salathe's first slides was titled "USDA 2004 Goals and Objectives" next to a drawing of an elephant and a donkey boxing. It went on to say the goal was to attract the maximum number of votes from major dairy states: California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York and Michigan.

The next slide said that could be done by maintaining "strong milk prices through market fundamentals, supportive policy actions."

To my Wisconsonian countrymen - beware. They don't care one whit about you. They're using you. As my good friend JC Watts learned, they'd as soon shit on you as spit on you. You had better hope that more forgiving people than me are around when they do, or else you're gonna be SOL.


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