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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Democrats want to marry terrorists!

There's getting to be a bit more of a hullaboo than is usual about the despicability (word?) of republicans telling America that Democrats are traitors. It is despicable.

But that's ok. I, for one, don't want them to stop. I have a more agressive view about these matters than many Democrats - this election is not anything like a "referendum" on Bush, or even on Kerry.

It's a test for Americans to find out whether or not they deserve America.

I want the republicans to do their worst. Tell the public that every Democrat has nigger babies. Tell the public that every Democrat wants to fuck every man up the ass. And so on.

And on the flip side, let the Democrats keep talking about the total incompetence of our military's civilian leaders. And keep talking about eliminating the cronyism in health care and elsewhere. And keep talking about taxing the rich and the poor fairly. And keep talking about strengthening our moral position in the world.

Then let the public vote. That's what I call a clear choice.

If in the wake of such a campaign, the people still vote for Bush, then they deserve him.

I feel similarly about, say, allowing KKK marches to be held. I say let 'em. The mere existence of such groups is an indictment of the larger public itself. They wouldn't want to go downtown or on national television if there weren't a substantial sympathetic audience.

We are the ones being tested, folks. Not Bush, and not Kerry. Us. Falling for republican talking points is one way to fail. Falling for media "some say..." crap is another. There are a lot of ways to fail, and only one way to succeed. Rock on.


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