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Friday, September 24, 2004

Republican response....

LOL - all of it.

In response to the question about whether or not, in response to polls, a 2nd Bush administration would resemble Bush's 1st, the Republican ticked off everything Bush "did" during his first administration. So I guess the answer is "yes" the 2nd will look just like the 1st.

That should be enough for 3/4 of the country. I'll give Bush 25% of the country as blind fervent fools. But it's not, of course, which is why I always save part of my criticism for the damnable electorate.

And then there was the part about tracking terrorists to "where they breed". Hm. My next door neighbors don't breed, they have children. My horses and dogs don't have children, they breed.

Question: Even though dehumanizing the enemy is a standard tactic in war, is it really in our interest this time? (Given that inhibiting the creation of new terrorists is one of our most important priorities.)


Blogger Tim Cooper said...

Came across your blog while hitting the "next blog" button and pretty much agree with you. I heard an NPR story on Cheney yesterday that ended with the reporter commenting something to the effect that the only thing about the veep that "softens" him somewhat to moderates and liberals is his stance on the gay marriage ammendment, based on the fact that his daughter is gay. This has always made me scratch my head a bit. So the whole conservative agenda is 100% correct, unless I'm related to someone that it normally runs over? Would that Cheney had a bunch of kids -- one soldiering in Iraq, one black, one unemployed, one in public school not being left behind, etc...

1:14 PM  
Blogger cdj said...

wow! my second comment! lol

Thanks for checkin it out. Glad to see I'm the "next blog" somewhere.

Sheesh. Cheney.

Excellent suggestion tho - wishing he had one kid of every type - that's awesome.

I do wonder why no one has brought up the whole thing from Cheney's last campaign about how Clinton had destroyed the military, and how "Help is on the way". Our military is now treated worse than they ever have been in my lifetime - and possible before that...

2:01 PM  

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