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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Damn CNN talking-head-bots.....

I'm just chillin, waiting for my groceries to be delivered, in case anyone was wondering where this veritable volcano of posting is coming from...

Kyra Phillips was talking to someone about Bush's UN speech. I don't have the quotes, but her remarks went something like this:

Do americans want to hear about AIDS and the Sudan? They want to hear about domestic matters, jobs healthcare....

I'lll be damned - when Kerry wants to talk about those domestic things, Kyra n CNN only wanna talk about Iraq and terra'.

But when the issue is millions of black africans dying of AIDS and genocide, then all of a sudden "we" wanna talk about domestic issues.


And then Miles O'Brien talked about the Iraq hostage takers' demands for women prisoners, saying (not quite a quote, but close enough):

We have no women in Iraqi jails except for two Saddam loyalists...

LOL - Hello? Is anybody out there? Officer, I never killed anybody..... except for those two hookers....


Never forget though - the biggest problem isn't them. They wouldn't exist if there weren't a large market of sheeple eating it up. No, the fundamental problem is with the idiocy level of the American public.


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