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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why do white people make it sooooo hard to like them?

lol - and I'm 1/2 white. It was a great day when my own aunt called me "colored"...

Anyhoo, enough of memory lane.

Along one dimension, there's essentially two kinds of white people - those who know racism is still alive and very well, and those who don't believe it's a major factor in damn near anything, and black folks are just sensitive, grudge-filled, whiny, or something else.

Unfortunately, what are commonly known as the "good whites" form the second group. The ones actively perpetrating racist acts are the first.

(Fine, fine, there are a small - by comparison with the first two groups - number of white folks who fit neither category - but that group is waaaaaaaay small, even though any white person asked will claim to be a member of that third category.)

For the "good whites", Salon has an excellent article here. The first kind of white folks doesn't need to read it - they already know about it.

Turn off your firewall long enough to click through a commericial, and read your way into (partial) understanding...


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