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Friday, September 24, 2004

Jeez kids are stupid.....

Of course, they're supposed to be - that's why we call them "kids"...

Was just watching Dateline NBC - they did a special on sexual predators in internet chat rooms. In brief: Dateline posed as 13/14 year old boys and girls in chat rooms, and arranged for a whole bunch of men to come over, supposedly to have sex with them. Dateline then confronted the molesters/rapists, and they all gave their own sob stories. Dateline then took the tape to parents in the neighborhood, and kids in the neighborhood.

Really bad things ought to happen to each and every one of the molester/rapists. If you have something really graphic and disgusting in mind, then we're probably on the same wavelength.

That takes care of one side of the problem.

The kids were completely shocked that such a thing could ever happen. Fools. But then, that's another part of why they're called "kids". The parents of any kid who's shocked at that need to be shot. Or something.

Being a parent doesn't just mean feeding the little monsters, it also involves - harsh though it may sound - controlling them. Kids have no self-control - again, that's why we call them "kids".

Lastly, one of the kids - female of course - was dressed/made up FAR above her age level. She looked like what one might call a "hoochie". Dateline never asked if she would continue to present that exterior to the world, and maybe - maybe - that's ok. Dateline never asked the parents either. That's unforgivable.


Time for me to have a beer - maybe sex too. But with an adult for fuck's sake.

Peace out.


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