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Friday, September 24, 2004

Two faced Bush - no three, no four - aw crap.....

LOL - Check out Kos' rundown on Edwards'calling the Bush administration on the "Who's on first" routine they're doing on Iraq.

Early in the administration, they got us to eat shit, and like it. Then they would move the goal posts - but at least that was only one lie at a time. Now, in the ultimate act of smokescreening, they have four different high-level people tell America four different things.

Talk about covering your ass. No matter what the criticism is now, they can point to a high-level official, and claim they've addressed the matter. The only question in my mind is: how much of the electorate will fall for it?

Kos is right about one thing (well more than one, but I especially like this one) though - the Kerry campaign rapid response team has gotten very sharp over the last week or so. Given the way inertia works, I'd imagine that we'll be seeing the fruits of this effort in the next week or so. The media will probably be coming back about a week after that.

Wow. Just in time for the election. Good job kids.


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