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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

LOL - cmon my alethically challenged republican brothers - he's frothing at the mouth for God's sakes...

(a) Community college? Community college? That's what's been holding me back! All that time spent earning graduate degrees? pshaw! If that doesn't beet awl - who woulda thunk I'da been called stupid by gdub? In any case, this is what gdub's America is about: community college, along with community college wages, are the new American dream. Brought to you by WalMart, in fact.

(b) What's more important to you: (1) gdub flatly lying about never having said he wasn't concerned about OBL or (2) Kerry getting the never-met-CBC wrong?

(c) Was gdubs smirk supposed to make him likeable? How about the spittle on his mouth?

(d) If gdub really meant all the stuff he talked about working on in his not-gonna-happen 2nd term, he could've done it in his first. He didn't. He's a liar.

(e) Bill Frist is on Hardball right now. He's frothing worse than gdub was - lol.

(f) gdub got a cap put in his ass on the assault weapons issue.


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