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Sunday, September 25, 2005


This is just about the most therapeutic web-toy I’ve seen in a loooong time…. Just drag him where you want him, and let him drop…


Friday, September 02, 2005

In all the hubbub, I forgot to mention: please donate.

You won't die for lack of $25. They might. www.redcross.org

Well, at least we know what gw did today....

First, he had a lovely photo-op, and demonstrated that he is utterly without compassion, empathy, caring, intelligence, integrity, and a few other things (in there are still people under misconceptions on the matter).

After that, he did what any republican-worth-his-name would do: he went and played golf:

The National Public Radio news anchor was so excited I thought she'd piss on herself: the President of the United States had flown his plane down to 1700 feet to get a better look at the flood damage! And there was a photo of our Commander-in-Chief taken looking out the window. He looked very serious and concerned.

That was yesterday. Today he played golf. No kidding.

I'm sure the people of New Orleans would have liked to show their appreciation for the official Presidential photo-strafing, but their surface-to-air missiles were wet.

Can you believe this motherfuckingshit? God I wish people would vote for the adults!

Something I'd really like to know, but probably never will....

We know that the head of FEMA was *not* doing things like: arranging bus transportation, law enforcement, food, water, and the like a week ago - you know, things that save lives. But that fact immediately raises the question: exactly what WAS he doing one week ago today? Playing golf? Attending a fundraiser? C'mon - do tell!

You'll know the pinnacle of the disaster has been reached when....

... You see footage of the military shooting lots and lots of black folks.

(I feel my predictive powers surging after my success with Edwards, below.)

AFTER SOME THOUGHT: In fact, I would support the following: If white cops/military do start unloading indiscriminately on black folks, every black person in the military should immediately lay down their arms and refuse to defend the country that hates them.

To all those naysayers, blabbering about the feds not acting quickly enough...


Halliburton gets Katrina contract, hires former FEMA director

Please stop. Just stop, guys.

"I have a lot more respect for that traitor than I have for my President."

As Atrios is wont to say: heh, indeedy.

(6th comment, by LowLife)

You heard it here first (hopefully)

John Edwards needs to (re-)start his Two Americas Presidential campaign *now*. Hit jackass republican at-least-gay-can't-get-married voters over the head with the fact that they passed on someone who genuinely cared about *them*, and instead voted for all those who care only about themselves.

UPDATE: Am I good, or am I fucking good? lol

So lemme get this straight....

We have, on the one hand, the bush administration, the military, and New Orleans. And it's possible, even by "conservative", or "christian" "standards", to criticize the administration while still "supporting the troops".

On the other hand, we have the bush administration, the military, and Iraq. And here, it is NOT possible, by "conservative", or "christian" "standards", to criticize the administration while still "supporting the troops".

Fucking lying evil idiot hypocrites.

You know it's only a matter of time before the "conservative" and "christian" media start telling stories about how the whole New Orleans debacle is a fictitious construct of the nonexistent liberal media... Bastards.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

If you want New Orleans back, you're aiding the terrists!

Wonderful. The Speaker of the House thinks we should cut & run out of New Orleans. Let me say it another way. Dennis Hastert thinks would should bitch out of the 35th largest city in the United States.

republicans hate America. Don't ever forget that.

Black folks, gay folks, and poor folks who vote for republicans: you deserve what you vote for, fools. Rich white straight "christian" men on the other hand - good job - as long as you can stomach yourselves...