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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kevin Drum: The newest Wise Old Man.

"As usual these days, [the hunter's apology] did no good. The slavering hordes were unappeased and he's now out of a job, has lost his sponsorships and his TV show, and might as well move to a desert island to live out the rest of his years now. He's a pariah.... I have a feeling Hillary is well aware of this."


The analogy Drum is spinning out of whole cloth is clear: fair-minded Jim Zumbo:crazed right-wing loons :: fair-minded Hilary Clinton: anti-Iraq War Democrats. To Drum, those who are against the Iraq war, and hesitant to support a candidate for President who supported/supports it are JUST LIKE the Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, and all the LGF troupe. More generally, from the fact that the right wing acts a certain way, Drum concludes that ALL OF AMERICA is that way. To Drum, America is as the crazed right does ("But it's evidence of something else too: the utter futility of the apology in modern day America.").

With this tripe, Drum clearly places himself in the Old Wise Men of D.C. camp - anti-Iraq-war folks who criticize Clinton for her vote, and subsequent refusal to acknowledge that she has learned from her error (few, if any, are interested in Drum's strawman "apology") are *slavering hordes*. I stopped reading Drum because of his incessant showcasing of concern-troll Amy Why-Oh-Why-Do-Democrats-Hate-Religion Sullivan. Occasionally, I wonder if I'm missing out - I'm thankful to now have an answer.

One might conjecture that Drum is gunning for fucktard Broder's WaPo position when he retires/dies. Or maybe he'll run for the Senate in Connecticut - he's just the kind of guy their fuckwipe electorate would go for.

Fuck Kevin Drum.