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Sunday, November 21, 2004

They just don't get it.......

I've been gone for awhile...... and I'm not at all ashamed to acknowledge that part of my vacation had to with my disappointment in the American electorate.

But (still) I'm a big fan of making idiocy public and blatant. How do we feel about the Delay Rule? You're ok with it? How about now? I dare you (my republican countryman) to say you're not a power-mongering hypocrite with no true desire to better your country.

I was gonna put links in the above, at the "right points", but just read www.talkingpointsmemo.com for fuck's sake...... (note: you do have to read it back-to-front for it to make sense, which will probably rule 54% of you out... se la vie.... which I suppose is the problem in the first place....)

Among other things, just by the way, that's gdub's big success: he's made bigotry fashionable - with specific reference to fags, but it doesn't really matter. Red state whitely has been itchin for about 40 years to be publicly bigotted towards something. Negroes were declared off limits in the 60's. Women soon after. Thank God for the fucking faggots. And the fatties, but to a much lesser degree. In that way, gdub has been much more successful than even Reagan. Probably Reagan was still too close in time to the 60's - he tried with his anti-fag/AIDS remarks, but they didn't fly. A gay agenda? Yah, just like there was a black agenda you fucking bigots.

But all in all - this rant has something of a point - I'm of the opinion that gdub won simply because America is populated with bigots. Flat out. And bigotry trumps all - intelligence, far-sightedness, well-intentionedness, rationality, and all the rest. We live in a country of stupid bigots. Bottom line. Thank Ggd I'm not running for office - LOL.

I of course realize that I'm preaching to the choir - the people I would like to speak to either don't know how to read, or don't believe in anything that doesn't include an "I hate fags" tagline..... Such has been America all along, but gdub made it fashionable to be public about it.....

Sheesh. Yah, faggots are America's problem. If only there weren't fags. They're they only thing holding America back. Christ. What a jackass electorate.

Not only are they on the wrong side on the issue, they don't even realize what's important. Where's Malcolm X when you need him? You been bamboozled, ya been hoodwinked, etc..... Roughly speaking, that's what he was talking about - not only is what they're saying is idiotic, but it's distracting an idiot's attention from what *is* inmportant*. Voting against your economic interests, for example is stupid. To do so is nothing more than white-trashy ("I might be po, but thank god I ain't no nigger"). You'll put up with anything, so long as there's a nigger out there that you're better than.... Simply put, gay folks are today's niggers.

The Democrats, my friends, have trouble realizing this. The problem is not an "outreach" problem. "Oh how do we avoid alienating the religious folk" - blahblahblah.....

The problem is convincing a bunch of bigoted jackasses that they're wrong. And they're wrong on two counts: (1) that gay-stuff really matters, in the big scheme of things, and (2) that gay-stuff is actually wrong.

I'm happy to talk to God directly - me myself in person - about the "morality" of gay-ness - and I'm not even gay (for fuck's sake). I'll be the gay Jesus, as it were. Except: they know what they do in this case. I'll take the Son's word that they didn't know, at that time. Now, they know. And that's a very different thing.

Ok. Enough drunken rant. I hope to expand on the variety of issues mentioned here. It all depends on my memory. The only thing worth recollecting, however, is that I'm willing to talk to God - personally - about whatever the "values voters" think is important. If that's their metric, I'll meet it. If I lose, so be it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wow - this is the worst day ever...

... Drinking last night until 9am this morning - don't really recommend it, although I must admit that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Looking back on it though, I'd probably be feeling lot better now if I would've had the good sense to lay off at some point...

Oh yah - Kerry lost, too.

(a) I'll have more - a lot more - to say at a future point (certainly after I get my chinese food). Unless I get arrested for sedition - this really is gdub's America, after all...

(b) Damn - I was *really* looking forward to Elliot Spitzer as Attorney General.

(c) Wow - the bulk of Americans really *are* stupid bigots. Let the march to idiocy and anti-intellectualism proceed unabated...

(d) I *really* like the idea of Howard Dean as DNC chair.

(e) My landslide prediction didn't quite pan out - that'll teach me to think that Americans care about competence. Lesson learned.

Now where's that Advil?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Phew! So exciting! I'm writing this at the point where Ohio and Florida are in the air (i.e. in the courts).

Will we see bush make a recess appointment to the SCOTUS within, say, the next 24 hours? I would, if I were as evil as Rove... We'll see...

So exiting... lol

Rude Pundit is freakin' hilarious...

LOL - you gotta read this youself...

When the Rude Pundit approached one of the tables at random, since no signs were available to say which one was his, he was pleased that he hit it right. This was indeed where he was supposed to vote, said the old, old, so horribly old but kind woman with a stutter. But the stutter, it turned out, was not a speech impediment. The poor woman was nervous, so very nervous, because the machine for this table was not working. Period.

Phew! So exciting!

Must find something to take my mind off things until it's drinking time...

Ah - here we go:





Time to go tune the board...

The only good injun is a non-voting injun!

I don't intend to spend the day cataloging republican electoral misdeeds - that's a Herculean task, and I ain't Hercules.

What's left of my Native American brothers, however, tend to get even shorter shrift in the MSM than the darker-skinned of my brethren - so I will do my part to help spread the word:

Republican poll workers in Lake Andes were intimidating Native American voters on Monday, a federal judge ruled early today.

Republicans may not write down license plate numbers or follow Native Americans from polling places during today's election, U.S. District Judge Lawrence Piersol ruled in a temporary restraining order.

Completely standard republican intimidation techniques. The only thing that could make it more classical would be for the Klan to show up at their shanties tonite, for a little "re-education" visit.

I'm watching MSNBC, and Imus, Andrea Mitchell, and a few other punkassbeatches are having a good ol' time yakin' up all the various permutations and combinations that would lead to victory on one side or the other. MEANWHILE NEWS IS HAPPENING AROUND THEIR FUCKING FACES! Voters around the country being intimidated at the polls. A few hundred thousand Sudanese being rounded up (a common precursor to slaughter).

Sheesh. One thing the blogosphere excels at, in addition to being reality-based rather than lie-based, is spreading news that the MSM treats as though it's like spreading the plague. Thanks Josh Marshall, Atrios, Drum, Kos, Berube, and the rest...

That's no good...

The Sudanese army and police have surrounded several refugee camps in the war-torn region of Darfur and denied access to humanitarian groups, the United Nations (news - web sites) said Tuesday... At least 160,000 refugees in western Darfur cannot be reached by road "because of insecurity," Berthiaume said.

Sheesh. I wonder how much more bad shit is going to go down today because nobody in the US is paying attention to anything other than the election? This probably happens every time though...

Monday, November 01, 2004


This is it, folks - the great vote-stealing race is on:

Through a combination of sophisticated vote rustling—ethnic cleansing of voter rolls, absentee ballots gone AWOL, machines that "spoil" votes—John Kerry begins with a nationwide deficit that could easily exceed one million votes.

Can republicans steal enough votes, quickly enough, to get a mean incompetent moron another presidency? If so, they'll have done it under the eyes of a media that (again) refused to watch.

I don't think they can, though. But (a short amount of) time will tell...

One more prediction...

Assuming Kerry wins, Michael Moore will be the next Time's Man Of The Year, or whatever that little award is called.

I'm taking odds, if anyone's offering...

Okie dokie... Posted by Hello

We'll see... Posted by Hello

Sooner or later, you will check your balance...

I'll go through extended periods - up to weeks - where I don't check my bank balance - simply because I don't want to see the bad news. Of course taking the outta-sight-outta-mind tack is a juvenile manner in which to deal with money problems - so sue me. In spite of providing the reading public with a veritable paradigm of mature prose (sic), there's a big immaturity streak in me.

Thank goodness the well-being of millions of people isn't in my care at this particular moment.

We've killed on the order of 100,000 Iraqi civilians - many of them women and children.

We've killed on the order of 1000's of armed Iraqi resistance fighters. (You'll never get me to call people fighting to kick an occupying power out of their country "terrorists"). Just for shits and giggles, let's call the number 10,000 - that's surely more than fair. It's false, in fact, but it'll be good enough to make the point.

After some grueling mathematical gymnastics, we see that only about 9% of the people we killed in Iraq have actually been, um, shooting at us.

Don't let all the hawk-talk about "precision guided munitions" and "smart bombs" and the like fool you. 9% is sure the worst combatant/civilian kill ratio in the history of the world - excepting only those who were specifically bent on genocide.

Sooner or later, either we're going to have look at our bank account, or someone else will be kind enough to show it to us.

Do they need to be strapped down?

lol - even if bush - by some stroke of theft - wins tomorrow, it'll have been worth it (almost) - just because of the antics of various lovable republicans....

Here's where voting for Kerry makes you anti-semitic. (I love this one for its Rube Goldbergian chain of logic.)

Here's some more gay-baiting push-polling. (I love this one for the steady beating of the gay drum.)

LOL - I sweartagod, republicans are their own caricatures...

So many more out there - so little time...

I got $5 on it right here and now!

I know only what's in this AP/Yahoo story - I haven't looked anything up at this point.

A suspicious package was reported Monday in the building that houses Florida's Division of Elections, and employees were kept out while the building was searched.

$5 says that republicans are behind it.

I'm sure it's a fake bomb, and just sent to throw a monkeywrench at people exercising their Constitutional right to vote - republicans hate that. OTOH, given their proclivity for bombing abortion clinics and murdering doctors and black folks, you do have to treat these actions seriously, even while we treat republicans themselves like God's little joke on humanity... Mel Brooks made fun of Him, and now He's getting us back...

Wow - all you bush voters out there - still voting republican even though your party terrorizes people exercising their most fundamental democratic rights.... What does that say about you?

Question to any bush-voters who may be out there...

A very simple question:

Why are you ok with republican cheating during the elections?

You guys market yourselves as the party of truth, justice, patriotism, inidvidual rights, yadayadayada. Bur it seems like you cackle gleefully at gay-baiting tactics in Florida, accept with philosophical aplomb episodes of racist voter suppression in Ohio, and generally don't get up in arms about any republican cheating anywhere.


In the interests of full disclosure, I'm pretty sure I know what the actual answer is, but I want to hear the justification you guys want the public to hear.

Update: This one at TPM was just too priceless to skip...

Also, I'd be curious to see the republican list of Democratic cheating examples. And I don't mean ones where republicans play dress-up as Democrats either... But seriously, do you expect Democrats to go around redneck precincts with signs like "republicans for negroes"? Maybe, but I'd be pretty surprised... But show me what you got...

Poor girl....

From the AP:

Ashlyn is among a tiny number of people in the world known to have congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, or CIPA — a rare genetic disorder that makes her unable to feel pain.

Generically speaking, pain is what keeps us from accidentally killing ourselves. Losing the ability to feel pain sucks ass, to put it mildly. I would guess that she'll end up living a very inconvenient life. She'll have to spend a large part of each day checking herself over for injuries, will have to carefully design her life around injury-avoidance, and similar such things.

As the article mentions, developments like appendicitis could easily be a death sentence for her. While easy to treat, your survival prospects depend heavily on a timely diagnosis. Without pain to tip you off, the chances of timeliness dwindle.