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Monday, January 09, 2006

Beyond a reasonable doubt?

Ahh... to be a black man in Iowa...

A man was sentenced to 25 years in prison on sexual abuse and burglary charges, despite the victim recanting her allegation...

... The woman testified at trial for the prosecution, but returned the following day as a defense witness and minimized the burglary saying Anderson had a key to her home.

The woman also testified that Anderson didn't assault her.

She testified that she and Anderson had an argument the day before and that police exaggerated details of the incident.

Can somebody - anybody - please answer the following specific question: How is it UNreasonable to doubt the guilt of a defendant when the alleged victim testifies in his defense?

Note: I couldn't find and pictures of the defendant via a web search. I assume he's black because (a) his name, and (b) you almost have to be black for a jury to return a beyond-a-reasonable-doubt conviction in this sort of situation.


Anonymous Jezbell Asiah said...

You must be a black person because only white people see that the fault for this case lies in the prejudices of white folk and has nothing to do with the social disadvantageous of black folks despite that fact black folks like OJ can influence the media just as well as white folk. There must be injustice because there's not way in hell a black would ever beat a white woman up, much less his own bitch, just cuz he's in a bad mood. Right.

2:01 AM  
Blogger cdj said...

I tried really hard to understand what the hell you were saying, and then I gave up. Mebbe try to not hit the bottle so hard next time?

7:00 AM  

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