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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Comedy Central 1, o'reilly 0

LOL - I saw the o'reilly interview with Jon Stewart where the little o called CC people "stoned slackers". Stewart had the look of "oh my god - you're an even bigger jackass that *I* thought you were - and that's a high bar to hurdle". LOL

Anyhoo - CC has come back with a study showing that CC viewers are more likely to have gone to college than o'reilly viewers.

(If it weren't so funny, I'd be inclined to bitch at the commissioning of this study, as it's of the "let's do a study to see whether or not there's sexism in the workplace variety.)

Given o'reilly's predictability, it's easy to see his response - some kind of jibe as elitist ivory tower university types who have nothing in common with the common man.

(Yes, there are ties to my rants about stupid-ified Americans - intelligence and edumacatedness is now looked down upon by huge parts of the country.)


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