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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Starve the beast - military style.... and a rant...

Apparently, about 1/3 of a group of reservists (IRR) who've been called up to go kill and be killed in Iraq have refused the invitation.

Good for them. Fuck Norquist. Fuck Perle. Fuck Wolfowitz. Fuck Rumsfeld. Fuck Bush. Fuck Rove. Fuck all those on their team who know they're wrong but refuse to stop it - especially Powell and McCain. Fuck the Democrat pussies who were so serious about a Kerry/McCain ticket. Fuck pollsters who load the dice with 12% more republicans, and fuck the media that reports a 12% Bush lead in the polls. Fuck Nader voters who can't tell a difference between sustenence and shit. But most importantly, fuck an idiotic electorate that allows such aforementioned evils to exist. If this wasn't the best team in the league, I'd ask to be traded.

Actually, that last isn't quite right. Fuck those other Democratic pussies who continually talk about fleeing to other countries because of the republicans. We're teammates goddam it. We don't leave each other behind - we help the confused among us get better - no matter how uncomfortable it is for us. Christ - after all that America has been through - some Democrats wanna give up on the Great Experiement because of BUSH?!?!?? Gimme a fuckin break. Pussies.

America might end up being a failed experiment, but I'll be damned if Bush gets the credit for it.

Ahhh... that felt good.

On the intellectual side, there's a lot to be said about this issue - and it's only one facet of an even larger issue. I need to think through it a bit, and it'll probably take several posts to get it all out. Suffice it for now to say that the story will involves concepts like the distinction between Socrates/Crito/Kantian thinking and the addition that Kuhn's "scientific revolutions" gave us. Names like Thoreau, Jefferson, King, and the rest are relevant to this Kuhnian addition.

I'll be back when I have it (somewhat) properly sorted out.


Blogger Blake said...

Fuck is a very cathartic word.

1:28 PM  
Blogger cdj said...


(Brevity is truly the soul of wit, as you so excellently showed.)

1:32 PM  

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