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Monday, September 27, 2004

Finally a republican tells it like it is!

This argument has been known and understood by anyone with half a brain for awhile. It is so completely asinine that no republican with half a brain (yes there are a few) has ever been willing to baldly state it. Until now. Chris Matthews goaded Orin Hatch into putting it out in all its dark glory today on Hardball. I don't have the transcript, but the argument, such as it is, goes like this:

If we aren't attacked by terrorists before election day, that's evidence of Bush's skill in fighting the war on terrorism, and hence he ought to be re-elected.

If we are attacked by terrorists before election day, then Bush can't be blamed, because they have to be right every time, and the terrorists only have to be right once, and besides, the terrorists want Kerry to be elected anyway. Therefore, in this case also, Bush ought to be re-elected.

Hence, Bush ought to be re-elected.

I'm not going to bother with critical anaylsis of this idiotic argument. If you're in need of such analysis, (a) read Drum, Atrios, Kos, and Josh Marshall, and (b) you're probably to stupid for such an analysis to be helpful anyway.

What I am taken with, however, is how blithely Hatch was willing to explicitly state this argument. Matthews lead him into it for sure, but pundits ask leading questions all the time - it's pretty rare for guests to fall for them. Which makes me conclude that Hatch didn't fall for it, properly speaking, but rather it was decided somewhere within the republican brain trust that the long term dumbing-down-of-America plan had finally achieved its climax, and such arguments could now be stated publically.

The pied piper was on Hardball this afternoon (PST) - it remains to be seen whether or not the rats will follow.


Blogger Victor The Talking Mule said...

I like your columns. I also liked it when Matthews shooed that fool Michelle Malkin off his program for suggesting the Kerry deliberately self-inflicted his wounds so he could get a medal.
Good Job, The Mule

6:18 PM  
Blogger cdj said...

Hey Victor -

Thanks for checking out the place - glad you like it. The "Malkin incident" was surely the best Hardball ever - lol - still makes me giggle my ass off....

I'm only trying to speak more plainly about a bunch of things that others (the typical heroes: Kos, etc) talk about. Though I agree almost completely with their lines of thought, (a) I don't think they speak plainly enough about some things, and (b) Specifically, I don't think any of them gives any role of responsibility to the public. Everyone always treats the public as the poor stepchild who's completely powerless (and hence responsibility-free) in the matter. On that issue, I believe quite the opposite.

You give a monkey a gun, and the monkey shoots someone, you don't blame the monkey....


12:30 PM  

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