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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

For fuck's sake - make them stop.... please...

Great - now Kos is infected....

Apparently bush claimed on Good Morning America that he disagreed with the republican party platform, and that the permissibility of gay civil unions should be left up to the states.

To which Kos says:

While this appears to be a calculated, late attempt to move to the middle, it still is a significant milestone in the battle for equality under the law.

Calculated, yes. Significant milestone? Not.

It's exactly as significant as bush saying he would have signed the assault weapons ban renewal, had it crossed his desk - which is to say not-at-fucking-all.

For no good reason, bush is the President. He is the HEAD of the republican party. If he wanted the platform to allow for gay civil unions, it would. Sheesh. If he wanted the assault weapons ban, the republican congress would have eventually given it to him. Sheesh. He wants neither, it's obvious, and yet Kos (whom, like Drum I have always respected) sees a "significant milestone.

Gay people should be allowed to get married. I'll change my mind as soon as it's explained to me exactly how a straight marriage (over *there*, as it were) is in any way "attacked" by two gay folks' marriage (over *here*). Then I'll believe all of this "defense of marriage" crap. As if gay people could do worse with marriage than straight people already have... Alternatively, I'm open to a good argument linking married gay people to bestiality, pedophilia, and/or rape, which serpents like Santorum are wont to do... Go to town - I'm all ears (or eyes, as the case may be).

In reality, of course, even DoM proponents don't believe their own marketing. It's just part of the bigotry underground mentioned in my previous post. DoM is nothing more than a way to put a public face on bigotry, which is good enough in today's dumbed-down true-false-less nation.


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