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Monday, October 18, 2004

That's not cheating... now THAT'S cheating!

(Speak the title in your best Aussie accent)

Good job republicans! This is surely the most certain way to guarantee Ohio for the republicans - just eliminate Kerry's name from the damn ballot! lol

I'll forgo quoting the article - it's too wonderful as an unbroken whole. Suffice it to say that you have to be incredibly imaginative to interpret this as an accident. (Anyone remember Nixon's secretary accidentally erasing hours of tape?)

At this point, with about a jillion republican cheating episodes in hand, I'm curious about what would happen if gdub ended up winning - or better, "winning". In 2000, I don't recall hearing much about republican cheating until after election day. This time, we've got a whole bunch of cases already reported - and it's still 3 weeks until election day!

I wonder: what would a republican would have to do to be considered a criminal by other republicans? Becoming a Democrat is about the only thing I can think of...

And yet still, about 1/2 the country will happily vote for a party of cheaters and bigots. Only in America!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calling partisans cheaters and bigots shows a lack knowledge about the argument and certainly denies the equally existant misdoings of every side involved in such campaigns. Surely you're not that naive nor intellectually dishonest. You're certainly not Pollyanna.

11:35 AM  
Blogger cdj said...

I don't think I called partisans, per se, cheaters and bigots. Rather, I called cheaters and bigots cheaters and bigots...

10:46 PM  

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