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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"I have explained that it's not an issue in the foreseeable future..."

"...But it is possible in the long term, in years perhaps, that Germany would become engaged"

To gdub and all the gdubyamaniacs: that's the German defense minister talking to CNN about the prospects for getting militarily involved in Iraq. What do you think that means?

No wait - I'll tell you.

The foreseeable future ends upon the election. The window they're specifically holding open is that upon a Kerry presidency, that is, a competent presidency, Germany can imagine situations in which they would provide troops for the Iraqi reconstruction. That is, upon the ascendence of a competent administration, a true, substantial coalition is possible.

Moral: Just because gdub can't do it, doesn't mean nobody can. To believe otherwise is to be pessimistic about American capabilities. You don't want to be pessimistic, do you?

The choice in November is between competence, and "buggy and horse". More than criticizing the anti-American fools who will still vote for gdub, I want to take this moment to call out the jackasses (Nader voters, as often as not) who claim to not be able to tell any difference between the candidates. Morans.


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