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Sunday, October 03, 2004

gdub's debate earpiece?

There's a fair bit of speculation going around the blogosphere concerning whether or not gdub had an earpiece on during the debate, through which he was receiving his lines.

The first piece of "evidence" for this notion is that all cell phones and electronic devices were reported as suddenly not functioning at the debate hall about an hour before the debate. This is taken by believers in the theory that the SS was setting up for gdub.

The second piece of "evidence" is taken from the debate itself - about 40min 30sec in fact, where he demands of "someone" to be allowed to finish his answer. Thing is, neither Kerry nor Lehrer had said anything to gdub. You can check out the video yourself here (Real format).

Several things struck me while seeing that piece of the video.

(1) gdub did have a heavy stop, before asking to be allowed to continue. The heaviness of the stop might have been noticable to gdub, who might then have requested as he did.

(2) I would need to see Lehrer at that moment, to see if he had any "questioning expression" on his face, as though he were, through body language, asking gdub if he was done.

(3) I would need to verify whether or not gdub was actually looking at Lehrer when he made his request to be allowed to continue.

(4) If gdub was receiving lines through a earpiece, it's the most wildly unsuccessful attempt at cheating in the world. It just goes to show you - an idiot receiving lines is nothing more than, well, an idiot.

(5) While the video is odd, it doesn't seem clear enough for me to jump on the earpiece bandwagon. It does however merit further and serious investigation. If those fuckers are cheating, I'd love to know about it, and I wouldn't be surprised one bit.


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