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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

So I'm in a bar.....

.... drinking a beer, and smoking...... I do that.....

A wicken meeting is about to begin at the table next to me, and the next one as well. One mother comes in with a lil tot (4yo max) with her. She seats the lil tot in a chair right next to my table. Where I'm smoking. Another mother comes in, with an even smaller tot - mebbe 1 yo. She sets up a high chair on the opposite side of my table. Where I'm smoking.


Are smokers the only ones with sense enough to not put their tots right next to a smoker?

Background: The bar has essentially 3 sections - two of them are smoking, and one is nonsmoking. So it makes one wonder why they started sitting in a smoking section in the first fucking place. None of the early arrivals smoked, so far as I could tell. None of the wicken-affiliated, so far as I could tell, so much as batted an eye at the combination tots/smoking.

Sheesh. This is our electorate.


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