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Friday, October 01, 2004

Anyone out there see Aaron McGruder with Aaron Brown on CNN last night?

(Sigh. For any who don't know, McGruder is the author of Boondocks - a contemporary cartoon series - sort of like an urban Doonesbury.)

Best post-debate interview ever. That mofo tells the truth.

I've been looking for a transcript - or even a quote - for about the last hour, and have come up with absolutely nothing. Here's the only quote I can be sure I recall exactly:

"Bush got his ass whupped by Kerry."


McGruder then went off about the elephant in the room - i.e., everyone knows gdub is an idiot, but no body talks about it.

Brown tried to reel him in, but McGruder wasn't having any of it. In the end, McGruder got the best of Brown by far - by insisting on discussing the truth of his claims, rather than their politeness.

Dammit - I want that transcript. Lil help out there? I can't find anyone anywhere on the internet who references the interview.


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