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Monday, October 04, 2004

OMG! Military brass prefers bush!

Of course, that's not how the lying, jackass media describes the situation. Instead, their headline is "Troops in survey back Bush 4-to-1 over Kerry". Troops. Not brass. Only in the bowels of the article do we find the truth:

The publisher cautioned that the results are not a scientific poll. Its readers are older, higher in rank and more career-oriented than the military as a whole.

LOL! So they cherry-pick from the officer ranks, and then call the conclusion what the "troops" think. Christ.

I guess it's not unprecedented though. I can recall a scene in the movie G.I. Jane, where the evil CO told Jane "When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you"....

There's plenty of stuff floating around that leads one to the exact opposite conclusion - for the grunts. And it's pretty much always been that way. Priveleged kids get to be officers, and also republican, while po' folks get to do the dying, and are democrats. I'll dig up some recent stuff on this, if anyone's interested.

For fuck's sake - am I the only one who remembers:

(a) Cheny bitching about how Clinton had destroyed the military, and his clarion call "Help is on the way",

(b) how bush has cut military pay several times, has just cut the VA dept staff, so that our 1000s of Iraq-injured ocming home with claims never get served,

(c) has put stop-loss orders in effect for an indefinite amount of time,

(d) how recruiters call families incessantly filling poor kids' ears with bald-faced lies,

(e) how the military has been threatening reservists with Iraq deployments if they don't re-enlist?

And a bunch of other crap - feel free to add your own... Bottom line is, for the military personnel who actually do the killing and dying, republicans have been the worst thing ever.

Contrary to what republicans and sympathizers say, I fail to see how the real troops could feel anything but contempt for republicans. Except, of course, for the fact that republicans lie to the military 24-7 (e.g., force feeding them Rush Limbaugh).

And yet the media is still willing to use the phrase "the troops" rather than "the brass" or "the leadership", or "career officers", or any of a host of more accurate variants.


Update: In fairness, the entire media doesn't deserve the credit - one Dave Moniz does. I don't know anything about him or his proclivities for bias, but this article certainly deserves to compete for the Fox News Dustbin of Journalism award.


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