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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Another prominent republican is sick of staying the course!

Lincoln Chafee - a republican senator from Rhode Island (an oddity in itself) can't in good conscience vote for gdub next month.

What a good guy. Party loyalty is one thing, and embedded within a larger context of hunky-doriness, has its place. But not when the whole damn country is in the process of being destroyed for god's sake.

The problems I've described in previous posts with the American electorate - viz. the juvenile sticking-to-republican-guns-no-matter-how-stupid-the-position-is business - also infects the bulk of the office-holding republicans. Chafee, to the contrary, has finally demonstrated that he has a conscience, and has now shown himself to have entered adulthood. I welcome him.

He even has trouble sleeping at night because he hasn't left the republican party altogether. What a wonderful person.

By the way - if you're voting for republicans, and you're either black, non-white in general, female, gay, or less than affluent, then you're a fool. If someone without any of those characteristics can find some conscience, can't you?

If you, poor, black, gay, or female person, are one of those republican voters, you never have to ask whether or not you look like a bitch - we can all see you getting fucked like one.


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