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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The VP debate....

I'm a little drunk right now, so I've only got 4 things to say about it:

(1) Cheney won - but nowhere near to the degree that Kerry beat Bush a week ago.

(2) In light of (1), it's a damn good thing for Democrats that Cheney isn't running for POTUS.

(3) The follow-up spin will drive trucks through damn near every statement/lie Cheney uttered.

(4) Edwards should've been the one driving the aforementioned truck. He wasn't, and that's why he's the loser of this one.

More when I've sobered up - but all in all, it's just about the mildest loss for the Kerry campaign possible. In fact, it could, all told, end up being a victory for Kerry, because of the examination the media will give it, thus giving examination to Cheney's lies. We'll see.

However - and this is almost certainly overanalyzing - it would be a move of brilliance for Kerry to put a let-down in front of the best the opposition campaign has to offer, and then come back with two smack-down bitch-slap debates. But that is overanalyzing, no doubt about it.

I think a lot rides on how much the idiot/republican media delves into the lies Cheney told. Again, we'll see.


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